Divya’s A small town Indian woman Degeneration Chapter 1

On the boat ride back to the resort, Mayank kept excitedly talking about all the fish and other creatures he had seen. He did not seem to have noticed the flushed expression on Divya’s face. Divya half-listened to her husband drone on but was primarily thinking about what had just happened, sneaking glances at Isaac who was acting as if nothing had happened.
Divya could not believe that she had just let some random stranger fuck her and that too so intimately under water. Just a few weeks back, she thought, she was an innocent virgin waiting to start a content life as a traditional housewife of a good looking husband from her own community. And now? She had spent many naked sessions getting sucked by and sucking a horny old net cafe owner. And as if that weren’t bad enough, she had now had actual sex with another man. What’s worse is, she had enjoyed both instances although they started off with coercion.
That whole day Divya kept thinking of the incidents and berating herself for being such a cheap slut. She had possibly sabotaged her marriage forever. Why couldn’t she be happy with what she had? And why did she keep putting herself into situations where people could take advantage of her? Which brought her mind to Chad. What would he do? Would he also take advantage of her? She hoped not. He was with his wife too. But at the back of her mind, a small voice was saying that getting fucked by Chad was inevitable. He could simply blackmail her by threatening to tell her husband what he saw.
After they returned from the boat ride, Mayank, Divya, Chad, and Kelly walked back to their cabins together. Kelly was her usual chatty self. As she and Divya walked in the front side by side, the two husbands behind them were having similar but different thoughts. Mayank saw the tall lithe Kelly and her well toned fitness trainer’s ass barely covered in a bikini swaying next to Divya’s round bubble butt covered in shorts. Although he found his wife very hot, he couldn’t help but fantasize how great it would be to have a young tall white woman such as this.
Chad saw the same sight, but was focused more on Divya’s ass which he had just seen in its naked glory. He had watched the whole thing unfold with a lot of interest. As a trained US marine, he was able to stay underwater for long periods of time without being detected. He lowered himself so just the tip of his breathing tube was above the water’s surface, assuring him of air supply. He had been in the area when he saw Isaac and Divya get in water, and had followed them from a safe distance. He saw how cleverly Isaac had manipulated the situation and how easily Divya had given in.
As he saw the two contrasting asses next to each other, he imagined how great they would look bent over side by side, giving him an opportunity to fuck them both.
The two couples finally reached their cabins. They agreed to shower and meet again for lunch. The plan after that was to hit the casino for a while. Chad and Kelly didn’t care too much for gambling, but Mayank had been really insistent.
As soon as they entered their cabin, Mayank dragged Divya to the bed. He had gotten excited looking at the taut white butt of Kelly and the nearly naked bikini clad bodies of the other women snorkeling around him. He slipped off her wet clothes and pushed her on the bed. Divya had already been primed up after a sex session with Isaac. She told herself that getting fucked hard by Mayank might make her forget the guilt of what she had done.
This time, Mayank fucked her doggy style, because it would give him a great view of his wife’s round full ass. Divya was happy to note that all the pain and discomfort had now gone away from her pussy. She wondered if it had to do with the fact that Isaac’s long dick had been in her for so long. Compared to him, Mayank’s seemed manageable. She could not believe that just a couple of days ago, it had hurt so much when her husband had first entered her.
Keeping Divya on all fours on the bed, Mayank fucked her from behind. She had arched her back making her big butt jutt our and Mayank loved how it jiggled after every stroke. He started spanking her ass, one at a time.
“Ouch!” Divya said.
“I am punishing you because you have been a very baaaaaaaaaaaad girl.” Mayank hoarsely said and spanked her hard a couple more times.
Divya felt panic surge through her throat. Did he know? Oh god! Was he going to leave her? Our poor innocent heroine wasn’t too familiar with the concept of bawdy talk.
“You are my own personal slut.” Mayank said, spanking her again, “I own this ass.”
Divya stayed on all fours obediently getting her fresh young pussy fucked by her husband. Soon she realized that he was just making random naughty comments and wasn’t actually accusing her. She actually felt turned on at the idea. And she was actually enjoying getting her naked ass spanked.
“Yes, I am your slut.” she said breathlessly.
Mayank was delighted at the response in kind from his demure wife. He grabbed her wet hair and pulled it hard.
“Owwww!” Divya cried out.
“Shut up!” he said and started bucking his hips faster. Soon, he had cum inside her.
Mayank collapse on top of his wife’s body, making her fall flat on the bed. His crotch rubbed against her ass for a few minutes as the two of them just lay there. That’s when the thunking sounds from the common wall started.
Mayank had been asleep when that had happened the previous night. So it took him a few moments to realize what was happening. When he did, he closed his eyes and imagined a naked Kelly getting banged by Chad. He imagined how she would look in front of him on all fours like Divya just was.
“Looks like they had the same idea.” Mayank said, chuckled and got off his wife’s naked body. He went to the bathroom to clean up and shower.
Divya rolled over on her back after her husband went into the bathroom. She lay there on the bed and tried to stop herself from comparing the experiences with Isaac and Mayank. Isaac had been so powerful, his thrusts so deep and passionate. Mayank had started off well, but finished too quickly. She remembered the weird sensation she had inside her cunt when getting fucked by Isaac. Nothing like that had happened with Mayank ever. She wondered if it had to do with size.
Then her mind went back to the thunking sound and the soft moans of Kelly which were still going on. A picture of Chad’s naked dick flashed in front of her eyes. She closed her eyes, but the vision wouldn’t go away. Soon her hand moved to her clit. And as she heard the telltale sounds of their next door neighbors banging, Divya started masturbating again. She had flashes of her being in Kelly’s place as the big strong marine ravaged her. The vision pushed her over the edge pretty fast and oblivious to Mayank, his wife had another orgasm thinking of a different man.
In the shower, Mayank was thinking about Kelly too. Standing under the falling water, he started playing with his dick and the visions of Kelly got him hard again. This delighted him, because he usually couldn’t get hard so soon after already cumming.
“Divya! Come in here!” he called his wife.
Divya had just finished her own orgasm. She walked into the bathroom naked and saw her husband standing there with an erect dick just like the previous day. She was pleased and hoped he would last longer this time.
They had sex in the shower that was an action replay of the previous day, with Divya bent over with her palms on the floor. Mayank closed his eyes and fucked his wife imagining it was the hot Kelly instead. Divya closed her eyes and imagined it was Chad instead. And both husband and wife, unknown to each other, had a good shower sex session imagining the same couple. Mayank did last longer this time by his standards, almost 8 minutes.
They both showered and walked out of the bathroom. The thunking sounds were still there. Mayank felt a little jealous that Chad was able to keep going for so long. That jealousy increased when the sounds went on for a good twenty minutes or so even after Mayank and Divya got dressed. Mayank decided to look up some information online about how to postpone ejaculation.
The two couples then went for lunch to an Italian place. Kelly was wearing a green bikini with a sarong wrapped around her waist. Chad was wearing khaki shorts and his chest was bare. Divya sneaked a couple of glances at how tanned his chest was. She also noticed that it was completely hairless. She wondered if he was naturally like that or if he shaved his chest. Chad noticed the demure Indian wife stealing glances at him and felt very pleased.
Mayank was a lot less discreet checking out Kelly’s cleavage. Kelly noticed it, but didn’t think much of it. She had always attracted admiring glances from men when she wore skimpy clothes. So Mayank checking her out was no big deal. She liked the attention. She found Mayank cute in a whimsical sort of a way. He had a good face with nice features, and his body, while not as muscular and huge as her husband’s, was still lean and tight.
“Divya, you have such a beautiful figure. Why don’t you wear a bikini some time instead of t-shirts and shorts?” Kelly asked a few minutes after their food arrived.
Mayank and Divya were both stumped. They looked at each other. Finally Divya said,
“I feel shy. I am not used to it. India isn’t like America. I feel conscious even in these clothes.”
“Indian women don’t wear bikinis.” Mayank tersely said, displaying his patriarchal hypocrisy. He was happy ogling Kelly and all other women in bikinis. But the thought of his wife exposing herself like that did not sit well with him.
“That’s not true.” Kelly said. “I have many Indian friends back in the states who wear bikinis.”
“Must be ABCD.” Mayank said.
“American Born Confused Desis.” Mayank explained.
“What’s so confused about wearing a bikini? Are you saying I am confused because I wear a bikini?” Kelly got a little offended.
“No no, not at all.” Mayank immediately backtracked. He didn’t want to offend this hot lady he had a crush on.
“I’m just saying that…” Mayank tried to find the right words, “Indian women who grow up in America are more comfortable in bikinis. Women like Divya who grow up in India are brought up in a different culture. So it’s not as easy for them.”
“Whatever.” Kelly said, cooling down a little. “I think she’ll be more comfortable in a bikini. And look hot too. But it’s your call.”
Divya had stayed silent throughout all this after her initial response. Actually, if Mayank had said, she would not have minded trying on a bikini. All those naked sessions in the net cafe had already brought out the exhibitionist in her. Unwittingly flashing her ass and pussy to Chad earlier had only magnified that instinct. But she knew that Mayank would not allow it. So she stayed silent.
Chad had listened to the whole conversation and chuckled inside his head. Indian-American women were confused? The most confused creature he had seen was sitting right across from him. If Divya wasn’t confused, getting fucked by a random boat captain in the ocean, who was?
After lunch, they all went to the casino as planned. Divya was hoping that Mayank would ask her to play blackjack. But he was still carrying a grudge about it, so he didn’t. He and Chad decided to play poker. Kelly and Divya watched for a while, standing behind their respective husbands. everyone except Divya was having alcohol. Divya got the hang of poker pretty quickly. It’s basics weren’t that different from teen patti, a game she had seen in India. Again, it was all about probabilities. She also noticed the patterns in how the other guys including Chad were playing and was able to read their reactions and “tells”.
A dozen hands in, she knew that Mayank was making a mistake betting so heavily in hopes of a flush. But now she knew better than to upstage her husband. She stayed silent, and he lost the hand. One the next hand, she could tell that his five pair had a great chance of winning despite seeming like a paltry pair. But he folded, and someone with just an ace high ended up taking the pot.
Although Divya was finding poker very interesting, it held no appeal for Kelly who was a bit of a ditzy blond.
“Come on Divya, let’s try the slot machines.” she said.
Divya wanted to stay but she didn’t want to be rude to her new friend. Like a dutiful bhartiya naari, she asked Mayank if she could go.
“Hmmm.” Mayank, engrossed in his cards, waved her away. Chad however looked up, smiled and said goodbye, staring into Divya’s eyes.
Kelly led Divya to a row of slot machines. They got a bunch of coins and started playing the slots. Lots of waitresses were walking around with drinks, and Kelly downed a couple of them in quick time.
“You don’t drink either, do you?” she eventually asked. “I’ve been noticing that you only drink soda or juice.”
“No, I don’t.” Divya said.
“Is it for religious reasons?”
“Not really.”
“Yeah, can’t be because Mayank drinks like a fish.” she said and giggled. She was feeling a little buzzed. “Mayank is such a cutie.”
Divya smiled. She felt too shy to respond and say that Kelly’s own husband was quite attractive too.
“Here, try some.” Kelly offered her vodka-tonic to Divya.
“No, it’s okay.”
“I know you guys can’t eat beef, but the drinking taboo is in the other religion, right?”
“So? Have a sip.”
“No, please.”
“Come onnnnn!” Kelly got up from her chair, put her arm around Divya and put the glass to her lips.
A sober Kelly would never have crossed boundaries like this. But she was drunk and when she got drunk, she got a little reckless. Plus, the feminist side of her had been bothered by how Mayank treated Divya according to a different set of rules.
Divya was taken aback at Kelly’s physical insistence. Kelly was a good 8-9 inches taller than her. And a lot more rambunctious. So when Divya found herself in Kelly’s grasp with a glass at her lips, she had no option but to take a sip.
“It burns!” Divya said, coughing after her first ever taste of alcohol.
“Yeah, but you get used to it. It’s like losing your virginity. It hurts in the beginning but then feels great.”
Divya readily identified with the parallel. She had a few more sips. They did go down a bit easier.
“Waitress!” Kelly called out. “A vodka-tonic for my friend here.”
Divya’s traditional conscientious side chided her. What are you doing, she asked. Going around sucking people off, getting banged by strange men, and now drinking? But the first few sips of the drink had already started affecting Divya a little. She felt her spirits soaring and her inhibitions lowering.
For the next half an hour, Kelly and Divya played at the slot machines while drinking. Divya hoped Mayank wouldn’t mind it too much. it’s not like she drank a lot. Just one and a half drinks. Kelly was drinking a lot more. As she got more and more drunk, she started touching Divya on her back and shoulders a lot more too, getting very friendly. Divya, unused to physical contact from women, felt a little weird, but the little alcohol in her system was enough not to freak her out.
“Well, these machines suck!” Kelly said after she ran out of coins.
“You wanna play something else?” Divya asked, her head feeling a teensy bit light.
“Nahhh…I know what we should do!”
She downed her drink, grabbed Divya by the wrist and started leading her across the casino floor.
“Where are we going?”
“To the clothing store.”
“Do you need to buy some clothes?”
“Not exactly.” Kelly said.
She dragged Divya back to the poker tables where the two husbands were engrossed in a particularly tense game.
“Hey Mayank!” Kelly said sounding very drunk, poking the young Indian on his arm. He had been staring at the flop. He looked up, a little confused. He had been drinking a fair amount.
“Is it okay if I take your wife clothes shopping? Buy her some cute shorts and tops, not these loose matronly things?” she asked, pulling at Divya’s loose t-shirt.
Divya was standing right next to her. Mayank looked at his wife, then sniffed a little.
“Have you been drinking?” he asked Divya, who went red in the face and stared downwards.
“So what if she has?” Kelly aggressively asked. “You’ve been drinking too. Are you saying it’s okay for you but not okay for her?”
Mayank, the traditional hypocrite, wanted to say yes, that’s exactly right. But Kelly had a strange hold over him. So he just said,
“No no, it’s fine.”
“And the shopping?”
“That’s okay too.” he said, although he didn’t sound too pleased. He didn’t want Kelly to corrupt his chaste wife (if only he knew about Mehra and Isaac, right?).
And Kelly led Divya out of the casino.
Out in the sun, Divya felt a little less groggy from the booze. Kelly though was drunk. She sang and giggled loudly as they walked to the clothing store. It wasn’t a very big store. Just a limited selection of clothes couples would need in a beach resort. Kelly took Divya to the women’s section.
“You have such a hot body. We need to get you something figure-hugging.” Kelly said. “What’s your size?”
“Waist is 24, chest is 34DD.” Divya blushed and said.
“Ideal hourglass, huh? And butt?”
“I don’t know. I’ve never had it measured.”
“Hmmm.” Kelly said, examining Divya’s ass. “Must be 38 at least.”
She picked out some shorts and tank tops and handed them to Divya who was aghast at the selection.
“These are too skimpy for my personality.”
“Nonsense. They’ll look great on you.”
Ignoring her protests, Kelly dragged Divya to the changing room. Divya walked in, and was surprised when Kelly joined her and closed the door.
“I’ll change on my own.” she timidly said.
“Don’t be shy. It’s just us girls here.” Kelly said and sat down on a stool in the changing room
Divya, raised in a culture where women change their clothes in the dark even when alone, was a little bashful. But the recently awakened exhibitionist side of her was a little turned on. She turned around and took off her t-shirt. Then she tried on a red tank top and turned back to face Kelly.
“That’s what I’m talking about!” Kelly got up and grabbed Divya’s boobs. “See how amazing your big tits look. If I had big tits like yours, I wouldn’t keep them hidden.”
“Yours are big too.” Divya returned the compliment.
“Not that big.” Kelly said, and then to Divya’s surprise, pulled up her bikini top exposing her breasts.
Divya was even more shocked at what Kelly did next. So shocked that she couldn’t even react in time.
“Let’s compare.” Kelly said, and moving with the speed of a feline, reached behind and unhooked Divya’s bra, and then pulled the top and the bra up. Divya’s big tits, freed of the constraint, swung loose and moved around a couple of times before coming to a stop. Kelly then pulled Divya so they were standing next to each other facing the mirror.
“I mean, don’t get me wrong. I am not complaining about my tits. They are big enough.” Kelly squeezed her own tits a couple of times. “But yours…”
And then she reached over with both hands and pressed Divya’s huge double D knockers. And then Kelly’s voice went a little low and hoarse as she said,
“Yours are just spectacular.”
Divya was too taken aback to say or do anything.Here was this tall beautiful white fitness trainer topless with her in a store changing room, squeezing her boobs. And Divya detected more than just a friendly tone in her last statement.