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She disclosed that lot of person got attracted at first sight, when she wears her sari and jeans low on the hip. The fine line of soft hairs becomes the center of attraction.

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Then she offered me drink and we started kissing hugging and caressing each other passionately. She cooperated me fully and submitted herself completely.

Meanwhile she described that there are three packages and according to the cheapest package the guest is given hand job to blow the cock and in the second package he is give blow job through mouth and in the top package, one is entertained with hugging, kissing, oral sex and finally unlimited fucking in any position until he is fully drained and ultimately satisfied.

In my case I made her to ride above me in my favorite position 69, spread her pussy lips apart and started licking all they way around au and down and sucking the flesh of her labia and clitoris, by nibbling, stretching and throbbing by blowing to excite her.

Thing started working well and in response her cunt started bulging out to burst with pleasure and tasted very good.

She started demanding sucking more and more to make her cum and she started applying pressure from inside to come heavily. As a result her cunt started squirming &she leaked her urine dripping into my mouth.

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This made me crazy and I drank her urine all the way. In this process her ass started rising higher and higher and finally, she reached the climax and her body jerked with heavy orgasm with shudders in abundance. Finally she calmed down after the storm.

When I touched my tongue once again on her cunt, she moaned and experienced aftermath spasms in her cunt once again. It was my best sex experience with exceptionally hot and passionately Sikh lady with nicely groomed soft and silky natural pubic hairs beyond the limit of pubic region, extending up to the navel in a fine streak.

After few days we met her in a shopping mall with her husband. She introduced him to us and we all were very happy and extended warm welcome. We joined them and shared coffee besides chatting and sharing happy moments.

I noticed that sardarji was very much attracted and impressed by my wife and extended invitation for a dinner next day at their house. When I discussed and asked the opinion of my wife, she smiled and expressed her feeling about sardarji in favor of him.

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Next day it was a nice and memorable meeting. My wife was dressed to the taste and looking very attractive and sexy.

We were welcomed with warm and passionate hugs and kisses from both of them, which gave a positive signal. Then we started with drinks and after finishing first round of drink we were feeling free with each other and discussing every thing freely. We discussed sex life of seamen on the ship.

His disclosed every thing that on the foreign going ship he mostly works with foreigners who are open minded and believe in free sex. Mostly officers keep their wives and girlfriends on board with them, other wise their ladies cannot afford to stay without sex for long time and find out another boyfriend or alternative sex outlet.

They are fun loving people and spouse swapping among them is very common to have adding spices and variation. When I asked his view on swapping he smiled and told frankly that he does not mind if the couple is up to their standard and really interested in fun loving sex for a change.

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I was prompted by his opinion and asked him what about us and how do u feel about us. He immediately accepted our proposal and agreed to avail the opportunity.

It was the right time and every one jumped with pleasure. He then introduced her to a high end posh club, famous for quality services with guarantee with full enjoyment of sex life with all the latest facilities for relaxing and soothing full body massage in nude along with hot girls, well trained to fully satisfy the guest by fulfilling his sex desires & draining his heat fully.

She was also the part time member of this club, which was run by an NRI woman on European pattern. There was a good source of extra income besides fulfilling ones desire and enjoying world-class sex.

Most of the guests were rich, from high society looking change and variation in their sex life for fun and pleasure. They were in the age of 20 to 45. She also registered her and opted for availability on call on weekends.

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She was fortunate enough to find out alternative outlet, where she got the best opportunity to exercise vide selection of her choice to see different type of persons with varied size and shape of cocks including circumcised.

She was then interviewed &asked to step nude for physical check & examination by the lady owner and examined by the doctor separately.She was selected and given on hand practical training under the senior girls with the clients.

The clients were very happy to enjoy sex with two girls for payment of one. I am proud of my wife who changed our life style and we purchased new car with the extra money. Her contacts with reputed persons helped me to get good contracts and our business started flourishing.

Few days later she met her sardarni friend in the mall. She was with her husband and introduced him to us. He was attracted to my wife at first sight and we accompanied them to coffee house, where he mixed up with us friendly and next day invited for drinks and dinner.

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Under the influence of drinks the atmosphere here became hot and sexy when he openly proposed for enjoying sex with each others spouse. Besides our We shed our inhibitions and our clothes. Changed over partners and enjoyed erotic sex with a change and variation. That night we spend with them and had a fun whole night.