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I was now really enjoying the view of her cleavage. Her blouse seemed to be fitting her perfectly as I could make out the faint outlines of her nipples. Seeing her cleavage gave me a real hard on. After about a while she got up from her slumber and noticed that her pallu had fallen to her laps. Carelessly she threw her pallu over her shoulders and started chatting with me. But now her pallu was not covering her blouse completely and she offered a beautiful view of her firm breasts.

It was an interesting journey back as we both were joking. She also asked me not to call her as Mrs. But call her Rekha. After reaching the site office, I took Rekha to the guest house. It was a tiring drive and the road was dusty. Rekha told me that she would refresh herself and then have dinner. She told me that she normally has dinner at 9 PM and also asked me to be with her for dinner. I told the guest house in charge to make dinner for two of us. I told Rekha that I too would go and refresh myself and that I would return back at 9 PM for dinner. It was about 6.30 PM.

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On my way back to the site office, I met one of the electricity board officials and I spent about 45 minutes with him before I reached the site office. After having bath I got ready and walked down to the Guest house for dinner. Now the guest house being small, the food was served in the room. When I reached Rekha room, she too had bathed and was wearing a long skirt and a loose T Shirt. The cook brought the dinner at sharp 9 PM and said that after we had dinner, the chowkidar would clean up the room.

Rekha asked the cook that was it possible to get coffee after Dinner..

The cook told her that he would prepare a flask of coffee and leave it. After that we started having dinner. We both were hungry and both of us had a hearty meal. Surprisingly, the cook had really prepared a tasty dinner. After dinner, the chowkidar cleared up the place and Rekha told him to collect the flask next day morning. After dinner we sat and were sipping our coffee. I was explaining to her about the various temples location in order to chalk out a program for her to see all the temples.

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While discussing this with her, I noticed that she had pulled up her legs on to the sofa and was sitting in a relaxed manner. Whilst discussing the program her skirt had ridden over her knees. Finally we decided that we would visit two temples tomorrow and return back by the evening. After that we started having some more coffee. She was sitting opposite me and had now casually slung one of legs over the sofa. From my position, I could see up her legs and I noticed that she was stark naked below her skirt and her pussy was clearly visible.

It was a black hairy pussy and since it was not the first time I was seeing a real pussy of a grown up lady, my eyes were riveted on her pussy. I must have been really staring when I heard her say.. Like what you see.. As soon as I heard this, I pulled my eyes away and started staring at my shoes. My face had really become red.

Hey, did you like what you saw… In embarrassment I muttered.. Uh Uh.. ‘So you like to see what’s between my legs’ I blushed. See.. That was an understatement I wanted to fuck her. ‘Okay, put your hands on my knees, and just pull them apart but promise that it’s only that you want to see and no more’ I blushed.

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She smiled as I knelt before her and slowly pulled her legs apart from each other ‘remember Kapil no more other than seeing’ through the widening V, I gradually saw more of her pussy up close. It was a round mound with curly hair I now had spread her legs as far apart as they would go and was intently staring up her crotch. Cautiously, I moved my fingers towards her labial lips up her thighs. As I reached the first coils of pubic hair, I could feel the heat emanating from it.