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“No need to be tensed madam. This is not the first time that I am helping a women to produce enough milk for her baby. It happens at many places. No one speaks about it. That’s all,” Ramlal said.

“And you know something? Some women especially the high class ones hate to breast feed their babies. They choose to buy some other womans breast milk. And its me who has to supply them that,” Ramlal added seeing the worried expression on Shanti’s face.

“Really?,” Shanti asked in surprise.

Ramlal just nodded his head in reply.

“When we consider such women whatever you are doing is not a sin. It’s for the benefit of your own child. That shows the care that you give for your son. That shows how good a mother you are,” Ramlal added.

Shanti seemed to feel a little better. In fact she was flattered by him.

“Come lets go to the bedroom,” She said leading Sidu into our bedroom.

Ramlal sat on the bed. He immediately motioned Shanti to sit near him. Shanti sat at a distance on the bed.

She was wearing a green saree. Shealways wears saree above her navel and her saree perfectly covers her 36-d breasts. Her figure is 36-34-36.
“Shall we start,” Ramlal asked eagerly.

Shanti took a deep breath and nodded her head. First he felt her breasts through her blouse. “Madam you are not relaxing. You can produce enough milk only if you are relaxed.”

Shanti closed her eyes. Meanwhile he continued feeling her breast through her saree. Her eyes were still closed. He now started to massage her titties. First he did it slowly. Gradually he started to squeeze them heavily. Shanti squeeled when the squeezing got heavy. But she did not complain. Her blouse hat a wet patch, The area through which her milk had drained. He continued his massage. He was enjoying every bit of it.

” How do you feel madam,” Ramlal asked after about 10 minutes of massaging.

“It pains a lot. But I am ready to bear it for my son.”

“Good,” Ramlal said slowly shifting Shanti’s pallu. He moved onto the blouse hooks. Shanti raised her hand to stop him. But in the end she just placed her palm on his wrist. Ramlal peeled off her blouse and quickly removed her bra. Without any warning Ramlal started sucking on her tits.
“What are you doing?,” Shanti asked Ramlal in surprise pushing his head away.

“Madam just like we splash water before milking a cow, I am trying to cool down your nipples so that it can produce enough milk,” saying this he continued with the sucking process.

Just as his lips touched her nipples I could see a pole rise in his dhothi. He continued to lick her tits one after the other sucking the small amount of milk that came. It was clear that he had a huge cock. It was trying hard to break free from his under wear. Even I had erection thinking about how it would feel if Ramlal cock goes inside Shanti’s pussy. Shanti was also turned on. After about 5 minutes of sucking she started letting out small moans.

After about 15 minutes of sucking her nipples started producing milk much easier. Now Ramlal started milking her breast one by one just like he milked a cow. Shanti was under a lot of pain. But she was enjoying it. By now Ramlal had lost all his control. He started to rub his erection onto Shanti’s thighs. Just then Shanti stopped Ramlal. Ramlal was startled and his erection had disappeared all at once. Just then she did something no one had expected. She stripped off her saree. Now she was in her petticoat only.

“The milk will spoil my saree,” Shanti replied with a naughty smile.