Desi housewife used well by Truck Drivers

Madhu peered out of the window. The shack was surrounded by some burly looking truckers who seemed to be looking at her intently. Selva was right. She’d better stay in the car.

“Get me a Pepsi, please.” Madhu smiled.

Selva and Mobashir got down from the driver-side door and went to the shack.

At the shack, Selva reached into his shirt pocket and took out a small paper pouch,

“Look at this, Mobashir. This is your ticket to paradise.” he said.

“What do you mean?” Mobashir asked.

“This is a little something I bought from a chemist friend of mine as a lark. He says it is a very powerful female aphrodisiac.” You are reading this story on – Hindi Sex stories.

“What’s an aphrodisiac?” Mobashir asked, wide-eyed.

“It is something which makes a person very horny. The guy who sold this to me claimed that this particular one is so potent, that one of the women who tried this fucked 20 guys in a night before she stopped feeling horny.” Selva winked.

“No way. You’re just pulling my leg because you saw me admiring Madhu Madam’s beauty.”

“I am serious. You don’t have to believe me right now.” Selva said as he opened the pouch and poured the white powder into a glass of Pepsi, “You’ll find out in a while. This is how it works. The woman who takes this feels very sleepy first. She sleeps for an hour or so. And then if she is woken up, she is so horny that she’ll fuck anything in sight.”

“I still think you’re just making this up.”

“You’ll see” Selva said. He finished his cup of tea, and walked back to the truck with the glass of Pepsi.

“Here you go Madam.” Selva handed Madhu the Pepsi.

“Thanks” Madhu took the glass. Mobashir came and sat next to her. Madhu noticed that he was now making hesitant eye contact. She smiled at him. He gave her a feeble smile in return. Nice guy, she thought to herself. And quite good looking too. Lean and fit. This is the kind of guy I would go for if he was not a truck driver, she thought.

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In about 5 minutes, she started feeling very sleepy. Selva noticed her rubbing her eyes and said,

“Madam, if you want you can go to the back and sleep. There’s a bed in amongst all the furniture. Just put a blanket on it and sleep.”

“Yes, maybe I should. I am feeling really sleepy. It’s been a tiring day.”

Selva stopped the truck on the edge of the road.

“Go help her get in the back.” Selva commanded Mobashir.

Mobashir and Madhu got down. Mobashir went and removed the tarpaulin covering the truck’s back. There was a ladder that ran along the tailgate. He helped Madhu get on top of it and into the back of the truck. You are reading this story on – Hindi Sex stories.

“The bed is in that corner. And the blankets are over there. You can sleep for as long as you want”, were the first words Mobashir said to Madhu.

“Thank you.” Madhu said. She hurriedly arranged the blankets on the bed and crashed on it. Mobashir returned to the driver’s cabin.

“Is she asleep?” Selva asked.

“Yes.” Mobashir replied.

“Good. Now just be patient for an hour until the aphrodisiac kicks in.”

“I still think you’re full of shit. OK, so she fell asleep at once. Maybe it is just a sleep medicine.”

“Be a sceptic. In an hour you’ll be thanking me.”

That seemed like the longest hour in Mobashir’s life. Every time he looked at his watch, Selva would laugh. The minutes ticked by very slowly, and finally it was an hour since Madhu had gone in the back. Selva was looking at Mobashir with a smug look on his face. He said, You are reading this story on – Hindi Sex stories.

“Go on. Say it. Say it.”

“It’s been an hour. Now let’s see if you were serious or bullshitting.” Mobashir said.

Selva slowed down the truck until her saw an empty lot next to the road. He pulled the truck into that lot and hit the brakes. Both of them got down and walked towards the tailgate.

“Now if the drug is working, which it definitely is, she must be having some pretty erotic dreams. She’ll be absolutely turned on. And whatever we try to do to her, she’ll welcome us. Go on, you climb in first.”

Mobashir climbed in and saw something very surprising. Madhu was sleeping with an arm between her legs. He could see the arm slowly moving up and down, rubbing her crotch. Her eyes were closed, but she was clearly sweating, even on a cold night like this. Selva had climbed in by then.

“Ah, you see. Sex dreams. Now, do you want to do the honors?”

“What do you mean?” Mobashir asked.

“What do you think I mean? Want to have the first go at her?”


“Oh forget it. You’re such a wuss. I guess i’ll have to get this party started.”

Selva went to the bed. He bent down and gently kissed Madhu. She kissed back. Then his left hand reached her crotch. It gradually removed her arm from between her legs. Instead Selva’s left hand started rubbing her pussy.

“mmmmmmmmmmm” Madhu moaned and opened her eyes. She was breathing hard. Selva broke the kiss. “Selva….” she said, as he put a finger on her lip.

“Shhhhh…. I understand. I am lonely too.” He said and he got up. He caught hold of both her ankles in each hand and pulled her towards him until her ass was on the edge of the bed. Mobashir watched in rapt attention as he lifted the edge of her skirt until it was above her waist, exposing her black panties. Selva bent down and kissed her mound through the fabric. Then he said to her, You are reading this story on – Hindi Sex stories.

“Take off your panties.”

Madhu obediently reached for her waist and slipped her panties off until her raised knees. Her shaved cunt was visible to both Selva and Mobashir. As she saw both men staring at her cunt, the first conscious thoughts started forming in her mind, a mind that was on autopilot until now – “What is this? Why am I half-naked with these two guys? Is this a dream? Am I…”

Right then Selva’s hard tongue touched her clit and all thoughts were washed away. A wave of pleasure filled her entire body as she started writhing.

“Oooohhh… Yess….”

Mobashir watched Selva tongue Madhu’s cunt for a few minutes. Then he moved towards them and sat on the right of Madhu. He rubbed his cock, which had gotten rock hard by now. He then removed her scarf, revealing her cleavage. He bent down and licked the cleavage. That’s when Madhu noticed him and the bulge in his pants. Her right hand reached for his zipper and freed his circumcised dick. At the same time, Selva got up, and pulled Madhu’s blouse up until it was bunched up under her arms.

The next few minutes saw the threesome connecting to each other. Mobashir pulled Madhu’s bra off, revealing her luscious breasts, which he mauled and assaulted with his hands and teeth. Madhu, fascinated by Mobashir’s erect cock, started sucking on it. And then Selva caught hold of Madhu’s thighs, knelt in front of her and entered her in one rapid thrust.

“Ummmmmmmmmmggggggg….unh..unh..” Madhu’s moans were muffled by Mobashir’s dick. Selva started varying his speed, slowing down the tempo and then going at it rapidly. Madhu’s pussy was sore by this pounding but she was enjoying every moment of it. Her tender breasts were sore too, as Selva and Mobashir’s massive hands kept crushing them. Some time later Madhu started having small warm shivers and Selva recognized the signs of an impending orgasm. To help her along, he slipped his right hand from her thigh to under her ass and fingered her anus. Madhu noticed this and looked into Selva’s eyes. She gave a small nod, as if giving her permission and Selva inserted his finger into her asshole even as his fucking reached the highest tempo yet. Madhu took Mobashir’s dick out of her mouth, held it in her right hand, and let out a loud moan-yell as she climaxed. The sight of her shuddering and thrashing around pushed Selva over the edge too and he shot his jism into her during her orgasm. Both of them were breathing heavily. Madhu forgot all about Mobashir for a while as she pulled Selva towards her and gave him a long passionate kiss. Selva broke the kiss after a while and stood up. You are reading this story on – Hindi Sex stories.

Mobashir finally lost patience. He pulled Madhu up by her hand and made her stand near the bed. He then said to her,

“Take off all your clothes, bitch. I want you completely naked.”

Madhu unclipped her skirt and it fell at her feet. She then pulled her bunched up blouse over her head, and stood there completely naked. She had another moment of coherence as she realized she was standing naked with two truck drivers. One of them had just shot his semen into her. And the other one was clearly intent on doing the same. She knew she didn’t want it. Yet she couldn’t resist it as Mobashir made her get on all fours. She could not help being aroused and longing for another orgasm as the young man started fucking her doggy style.

Selva sat on the floor and looked at them fucking. He knew that this night had just begun. The aphrodisiac did enhance sexual desires but it worked this well only if the woman herself was extremely horny and easy. They had clearly woken up a tigress. And this tigress would keep them up all night. Maybe it was time to get reinforcements, Selva thought to himself.

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  1. Wow. Lucky attempt. Paid off.

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