Desi housewife used well by Truck Drivers

However he had been eyeing Madhu only furtively, from the corner of his eye. He was too shy.

Madhu noticed that this guy, whom she had guessed correctly to be 20 years old, seemed to have somewhat of a crush on her. But he seemed like a very nice guy, so she didn’t feel threatened.

Even Selva seemed like a very decent chap and she was glad she had found this truck to take her to Bangalore.

“Do you want something? We’ll get it for you. There are a lot of rough looking truckers around, so it’ll be better if you stay in here.” Selva asked.

Madhu peered out of the window. The shack was surrounded by some burly looking truckers who seemed to be looking at her intently. Selva was right. She’d better stay in the car.

“Get me a Pepsi, please.” Madhu smiled.

Selva and Mobashir got down from the driver-side door and went to the shack.

At the shack, Selva reached into his shirt pocket and took out a small paper pouch,

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“Look at this, Mobashir. This is your ticket to paradise.” he said.

“What do you mean?” Mobashir asked.

“This is a little something I bought from a chemist friend of mine as a lark. He says it is a very powerful female aphrodisiac.” You are reading this story on – Hindi Sex stories.

“What’s an aphrodisiac?” Mobashir asked, wide-eyed.

“It is something which makes a person very horny. The guy who sold this to me claimed that this particular one is so potent, that one of the women who tried this fucked 20 guys in a night before she stopped feeling horny.” Selva winked.

“No way. You’re just pulling my leg because you saw me admiring Madhu Madam’s beauty.”

“I am serious. You don’t have to believe me right now.” Selva said as he opened the pouch and poured the white powder into a glass of Pepsi, “You’ll find out in a while.

This is how it works.

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The woman who takes this feels very sleepy first. She sleeps for an hour or so. And then if she is woken up, she is so horny that she’ll fuck anything in sight.”

“I still think you’re just making this up.”

“You’ll see” Selva said. He finished his cup of tea, and walked back to the truck with the glass of Pepsi.

“Here you go Madam.” Selva handed Madhu the Pepsi.

“Thanks” Madhu took the glass. Mobashir came and sat next to her. Madhu noticed that he was now making hesitant eye contact. She smiled at him. He gave her a feeble smile in return.

Nice guy, she thought to herself. And quite good looking too.

Lean and fit.

This is the kind of guy I would go for if he was not a truck driver, she thought.

In about 5 minutes, she started feeling very sleepy.

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Selva noticed her rubbing her eyes and said, “Madam, if you want you can go to the back and sleep. There’s a bed in among all the furniture. Just put a blanket on it and sleep.”

“Yes, maybe I should. I am feeling really sleepy. It’s been a tiring day.”

Selva stopped the truck on the edge of the road.

“Go help her get in the back.” Selva commanded Mobashir.

Mobashir and Madhu got down. Mobashir went and removed the tarpaulin covering the truck’s back. There was a ladder that ran along the tailgate. He helped Madhu get on top of it and into the back of the truck. You are reading this story on – Hindi Sex stories.

“The bed is in that corner. And the blankets are over there. You can sleep for as long as you want”, were the first words Mobashir said to Madhu.

“Thank you.” Madhu said. She hurriedly arranged the blankets on the bed and crashed on it. Mobashir returned to the driver’s cabin.

“Is she asleep?” Selva asked.

“Yes.” Mobashir replied.

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“Good. Now just be patient for an hour until the aphrodisiac kicks in.”

“I still think you’re full of shit. OK, so she fell asleep at once. Maybe it is just a sleep medicine.”

“Be a sceptic. In an hour you’ll be thanking me.”

That seemed like the longest hour in Mobashir’s life. Every time he looked at his watch, Selva would laugh.

The minutes ticked by very slowly, and finally it was an hour since Madhu had gone in the back.

Selva was looking at Mobashir with a smug look on his face. He said, You are reading this story on – Hindi Sex stories.

“Go on. Say it. Say it.”

“It’s been an hour. Now let’s see if you were serious or bullshitting.” Mobashir said.

Selva slowed down the truck until her saw an empty lot next to the road. He pulled the truck into that lot and hit the brakes. Both of them got down and walked towards the tailgate.

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