Hot Desi housewife fucks a Stranger in Motel

Take me now, please do it to me now”, he smiled and said, “relax baby, dont be in a hurry, enjoy and let me give you the best fuck you ever got” I did not have an answer to that, I simply wanted him to fuck me. But he knew what I wanted and got up to his bag and took out a pack of condom.

I was already taking the pills and I always like to feel the touch of the penis inside me, I told him to forget about the condom and come in now and not waste time. He pushed me on my back and spread my legs wide enough for ease. He came on top of me kissing my lips with lots of passion.

I could feel the tip of his penis rubbing all around the lips of my pussy and I would let out a soft moan. AAAAAAHHHHHH…… Ajeet……. UUUMMMMM… PLEASE COME INSIDE ME NOW…… AB AUR DER NA KARO Ajeet…… PLEASE…. AB MAAN BHI JAAO Ajeet…… AAA JAO NA….. ARVINNNNNNNND…. AAAAAAHHHHHHH………. UUUUUFFFFFF……… ARVIDNNNNNNNNNNDDDDD…

He kept on rubbing his penis around my pussy without putting it inside and was teasing me a lot making me beg to him to come in now. I was begging him to come inside and then suddenly he entered his penis inside me and I could feel only the tip in me I sighed loudly in pain and pleasure. He had put the tip of his penis inside me while kissing me on my lips and playing with my tongue.

He kept going deeper and deeper inside me. I could feel him touch my deepest depth which was generally not touched by my hubby. I was moaning and wriggling under him. AAAAAHHHHH……. UUUUMMMMMMM……. ARVINNNNNNDDD…. UUUUUFFFFFFF…… MUJHE AB LE LO Ajeet….. TAKE ME NOW….. PLEASE LOVE ME…… COME NOW…… MAKE LOVE TO ME NOW Ajeet…

He started sucking my nipples and began slowly humping me. He too was moaning softly SeemaAAAAHHH…. LOVE YOU HONEEEEEEE…… Seema… MY LOVE…..I WOULD FUCK YOU NOW Seema…. FUCK YOU ALWAYS….. MY LOVE….AAAAHHHHHH….. YEAHHHHH….SeemaAAAAAHHHHH….. I could almost feel his dick growing inside me.

He would take his one hand down towards my lower part of pussy and rub if softly while fucking me. It was driving me crazy and to a huge orgasm while he continued to fuck me a bit faster increasing his thrust. I was now moaning loudly.

With his every stroke, he was going deeper and deeper inside me. I was thinking that he was about to come but he pulled his penis out and made me to take the doggy posture and re-entered from behind me without showing any mercy. He continued to hump me deeper and hard. He held me by my hairs and went on stroking me faster as I kept on moaning.

I was reaching orgasm after orgasm and the juices were flowing out of my vagina like a stream flowing. It was making patches on the bed but we were beyond caring. He changed multiple positions to make me cum several times. I was getting tired but he was not ready to listen to me.

He put me back on the missionary position and put my legs on his shoulders and kept on stroking me.

After nearly five more minutes of hard fucking, he started grunting and I could feel his penis vibrating deep inside me as he stroked, he came in finally. I felt as if I was in heaven and I too started to cum hard at the same time.

This was the most shattering experience I had since a long time. He finally collapsed over me with his face buried, in my cleavage. I was hugging him with my legs and had dug my nails deep inside his skin and bit him hard. We dozed off for some time, closely huddled together, in each other’s arms.

I could feel his warm breathing on my breasts and his wet groin on my pussy.. I kissed him softly on his forehead when he woke up. He once again took me in his arms and kissed me most passionately. After such a violent sex, where he had been absolutely dominating and brutal, I was feeling very tired. I wanted to rest and sleep and dozed off in his arms.

I finally woke up with the telephone call from the reception announcing that the jam had been cleared and the driver of the bus had brought the bus inside and would be leaving shortly. I hurriedly got up naked and rushed to the toilet to get ready. When I came out, Ajeet had also got ready and he kissed me most passionately before leaving and I too left with the memories of my most shattering sex experience.