Desi Housewife cheating with Muslim Butcher

I again requested him to pull out and told him that he has already fucked mother and saw her nude…

But , mohit , my son was experienced, all ready as he said, seemed experienced in chudai….I was tired because of chudai now by 4th person in a day…i was feeling weak but i could not stop myself getting excited .. He banged me some time hard & said that i have already made his work easier.. I enquired and he said that this time he has decided to fuck mother beside he wanted to watch mother by getting banged by tomorrow..

“aur maa, tum Manohar se chudwa hee chuki ho..To…ab mere saamne bhee uss se chudwaao…”
I got stunned to hear son’s desire to see mother getting fucked by others.. I kept quite ,instead i concentrated on excitement and pleasure of chudai..

After chudai got over , he got of my body and we lay side by side. We crossed our legs and i scolded him for sinful thought of getting mother fucked by others. I told son that i fucked with Manohar, i also told him that i am fucked by few others also. I added that in future also i would be fucking others if i like some one..

‘but, son getting fucked with persons watching is unthinkable and i don’t think that any other son would have ever thought of seeing their loved one getting fucked . And you want to see your mother getting fucked…you are real matherchod, bastard. “

He caressed my maals and said that i am very much old fashioned and ill informed . What he said i did not believe. He said that two of his friends is watching their mother fucked by others and one friend watches sister fucked .

“maa, one of my friend’s servant fucks all four ladies of house, his grand mother, mother and two sisters.. Maa i did not believe and he has invited me to come to his house to watch those sluts.. But maa, they are not lucky like me …they could not dare to fuck their mother or sisters…”

My son insisted and finally i agreed .

“maa, pura light jalakar chudana…” son said , ” chinta mut karo , papa is heavily drunk, he will not see you fucking with Manohar or me.

I walked out and Manohar was sleeping on empty place between two sofa. I switched on all lights of drawing room. Lay beside him. I was nude and rubbed my cunt on his mouth. Aroma of cunt aroused and he opened eyes .

“Manohar tere lund ne paagal kar diya hai…ek baar aur chod le..”

“madam ,aap randi nahi puree kutia ban gaee ho….” Manohar said, pinned me down and again we repeated full chudai starting from sucking of lund and cunt to swallowing of cum. He insisted and i slept with him with full lights on.

In morning, mohit woke us up.

“Manohar, maa now it is almost 8, get up “

We both blushed to see mohit . I saw him staring at my cunt.

“maa, your choot is very nice ‘ and he asked Manohar whether he enjoyed chudai with mother. Now, there was nothing to hide . Manohar hugged me in front of son and said that madam is best maal…no choot can give more pleasure .

And son threatened us that if we two don’t obey him ,he will tell to father and other relatives that Manohar has forcefully fucked mother. Manohar agreed to obey whatever mohit wants. ,.

By 11 we three were alone. Mohit dropped a bomb..

“Manohar kaka , aapne maa ke saath jo masti raat mey lee hai, waisee hee chudai abhee karo. Din ke ujale mey. “

My son wanted mother to fuck with servant like we did in night . Manohar remained quite but i tried to convince son. But he did not budge.
“ok…..Manohar , chal loot maza iss randi kaa….” i asked Manohar to play with my body in broad day light in presence of son . And for next one and hour we suck, licked fucked from front and back. Son watched this and during final half hour of my sex with servant son undressed fully and rubbed lund all over my body…

He told to servant that seeing mother’s sexy body he is unable to control but he assured servant that he may play with body of mother he will not fuck me. And while i took Manohar in doggy pose with my head between nude thighs of son. All along fucking son’s cock kept knocking on my cheeks and lips. I could not control and son’s 7″ long tight throbbing cock got lost in mother’s mouth. Manohar was fucking me from behind , son fucked in mouth and both son & servant squeezed chuchi together . One by one both ejaculated and kept their lund pushed at respective places . I was totally exhausted and i lay flat on floor . Son began kissing me from lips to nipples, belly button and sucked mother’s clit for about ten minutes . He ordered me to remain nude till evening. Hindi Sex Stories

Son fucked me in the night . Me made me & Manohar fuck like that every day for next three day and in presence of servant he fucked me in mouth, sucked choot & chuchi, fingered and fondled me all . All along the day i was asked to remain nude and sit either on lund of son or fuck with Manohar. He left on 4th night. I was very satisfied with sex i had for one week.

Manohar expressed sadness that i did not fuck with son which he wanted to see & enjoy. I promised him that next time whenever son will visit ,i will fuck with son regularly.

“Keerthi, now having enjoyed you in presence of son, i want to fuck & suck you with your husband around.

It was Saturday, i hugged & kissed servant and told him to be penetrate my choot on my bed while my husband will watch happily.

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