Desi Housewife cheating with Muslim Butcher

Salman was real salman…we fucked passionately and when he pulled out after discharge it was around 5..

“Aaj mera husband aur beta dono mujhe jaan se maar daalegaa…” i expressed concern and dressed up…
“Madam apne bête ko ek baar chuchi deekha dena ..Wo sab bhul jaayegaa ..”

Salman opted to drop me at home , i agreed . On the way he pleaded and i agreed for next monday for second round of chudai…he felt very happy.. I wanted that 12″ cock also..

All were at home .They scolded and told them that i should have called them . I did not show them chuchi but i let pallu fall down and i hugged all three including Manohar , servant and planted kiss on their cheeks ..

All forgiven me for being so late.. It was 7 of evening , after three round of chudai i was very tired so i did not accompany husband & son for a social party.. Manohar cooked for we two…

It was quarter to 8 and Manohar stood in front of me.. He charged me straight ..

“madam , aap jub waapas aaee to dekh kar lagaa ki aap chudwa kar aa rahi hai…”

He stood just in front of me and told above…

” to kyaa huaa … kisi ne tumhaare madam ko chod hee liyaa to kyaa huaa … dekho kuchh fark pada kyaa..”

I also replied in his words only.. He was with us for over 10 years .. I knew that he is fucking some maid in neighbor hood . Many time i teased him about his girl friend but this was first time we both exchanged fucking word..
It is not that he has not touched me.. On occasion we hugged and exchanged kisses on cheeks.. I allowed him to apply colour and fondle me on holi . Hindi Sex Stories

I did not pull up pallu and pushed breast forward….

“ab gussa mut karo….Madam ke baare mey mut socho….” i patted his hand and advised him to bring his ‘maal’ and fuck her in my presence …

“dekhu … tera lawda ussey kitna kush karta hai…”

“madam, aaj maine ‘usko’ 2 baar choda wo bhee aapke hee bed par…” he put both his hands on my shoulders and pressed .. And said i that don’t bother who fucks whom but the news that some one has fucked you , kills me. He said that he does not even like to think that my husband fucks me every night …

” aurat hun to koi naa koi to chodegaa hee… ”

“to mai hun naa….”

And he put hand on breast . I scolded , fought with him but i never knew he is so strong … he succeeded in undressing me on sofa ..Sat on floor , lifted my legs on shoulder and began licking & sucking cunt…. And how could i resist… i pulled his hairs and pushed head between my thighs .. He continued licking and sucking and squeezed breast ..

And i shouted ..” Manohar mar jaaungi … chod mujhe …”

He positioned me on sofa and penetrated cock..I jerked, hugged him tightly, moaned , screamed and Manohar fucked me…. It was third cock in a day but this certainly was most loving and chudai with passion. His caressing and thrust shows that he certainly loves and care madam..I came to know that what ever be size of cock, chudai is only complete when a man really loves his woman… and i came to know that Manohar , a servant for over 10 yrs has loved me… that day cunt was filled by 4th time…

“ab to khush ho..Manohar….”

“bahut….Iss se jyaada khushi nahi ho sakta…” he replied ..
“iska matlab ab apni madam ko nahi chodegaa..” i said
Manohar has no answer ….

“Manohar choot ko bhar diyaa ….Lekin bahut bhukh lagee hai….Kab se nahi khaaya …”
We had food including that mutton ..Which has taken me to new world. After all work got over Manohar lifted me to my bed . He again loved, kissed me passionately and penetrated me second time….

“ohhh..Manohar , tune pahle kyo nahi choda….10 saal bekaar mey barbaad kar diyaa..”

I really liked his chudai….His cock was like of salman but his each and every thrust of full of love & passion…

“maalkin ..Sach bolo..Aaj kisne choda aapko….” he was certain that i returned home after chudai…
I lied to him that while returning back, i met one of very old friend. He insisted me to come to his house and there first he and then one of his other friend did my chudai…i also told him that i already had fucked with my friend before but his friend was new man in my choot.

I took Manohar tightly in arms and said ,

“lekin raja, ab se buss Manohar kaa lawda aur mera choot….”

To make him happy, i added ..”aur tu jis se bhee bolega chudwa lungi….”

He became happy, banged harder and said that he will kill any one who will even desire to fuck me…

He fucked me and filled my choot second time. We rested but soon we heard knock on door…it was past 11 . I told him to switch off light and tell them that i am asleep.

I pulled cover on nude body, he pushed door shut…i heard some yelling ..No doubt again my husband returned heavily drunk…..But thanks son & Manohar did not bring him to me..He might have been put to sleep in guest room. I did not get up to bolt door.. Hindi Sex Stories
I was really tired with five round of chudai with three new persons in last 12 hours. I slept ….

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“ohhhh Manohar…kitna chodega….Ghar mey sab loag hai…”

I had woke up with lund in choot and banging…..

“maa, Manohar nahi…tera beta chod raha hai….Le maza le….”

He banged hard..I opened eyes and saw my son over me ,fucking mother in full bright light …i saw my only son banging me on parents bed… i tried to push him away but he has held me very tightly…i preached him that ‘it is sin’ , i told him even if mother is a randi still son must not fuck mother…

” maa, ab bête kaa lawda maa ke bur mey pura kaa pura ghush gaya hai…”

He banged deeper and said that my cunt has liked his rod very much that’s why it got so lubricated and juicy….He added ..

“maa, teri choot ..Unn paanch randi se bahut mast hai jise ab tak maine choda hai….. “

He kissed , pumped and said …”maa, bahut mazaa aa raha hai….Abto jindgi bhar chodungaa…”

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