Desi Housewife cheating with Muslim Butcher

“Kyaaa pata shayad eise lund se baar – baar chudwaatee..”

He lifted his knife and cut meat..And words came out of my mouth ..

“Sambhal ke …kat jaayegaa…”

He looked at me ..And i wished to see him fully nude..I did not thought of repercussions…

“Ab yanha koi nahi hai…lungi nikaal do….”

He looked at me for a while and pulled off lungi..Offff…what a muscular thighs…

“Ab jyaada achchhaa dikhta hai.. ” i commented . He packed my meat and gave me.. I took out purse and took money to give him…
But , he opened his box , took all money and pushed it in bag in which meat was kept….

“Madam ye 7000/- se jyada hai …meri din bhar ki kamai …”

Before I could say any thing , i was in his strong arms , he walked past nude to daughter and told her not to allow any one inside.. He took me inside room and in spite my some resistance he removed saree, petticoat, blouse ..I did not have bra and panty.. He lay over me and i was no match for him….I did not want to get defamed so, i did not shout .. And he tried to push lund in …but it did not enter.. He tried it few more time but still lund could not open cunt lips.. Hindi Sex Stories

“Ruby juldi idhar aa..” he called daughter and asked her to apply cream on my cunt.. I felt ashamed that a young unmarried girl is applying cream on my cunt for fuck by her father…

“Abbu ..Geela ho gaya ..”

“Dono phank ko puraa phaila kar rakhkho..” he told daughter to keep cunt lips pulled wide apart….

“No doubt father is certainly fucking daughter…but how this girl can take such cock ..Girl kept my cunt lips wide opened and butcher gave few hard push…..It seemed my body will be tore in two parts but he continued pumping…

“Abbu , ab pura andar chala gayaa ….” girl said “buss lund daba kar rakhkho…madam ko aaram milega…phir dhakkaa maarna…”
Girl knew the techniques that a virgin girl should be fucked..I was not virgin, had been fucked for 22 years but that time it seemed that i am virgin and taking cock in cunt for first time… after watching father’s chudai of a stranger woman for few minutes , girl went out . Man rested lund inside cunt for 5-6 minutes and then he pumped me for another 20-22 minutes and ejaculated inside ..

I enjoyed this fuck and decided to have him regularly…. We talked about family and fondled and as i am used to i began sucking cock but it was thicker than cock i sucked so far , still i managed cock in mouth and sucked for few minutes … i turned on him in 69 and banged my cunt on his mouth… after some time , he also sucked and licked me .

We had another round but in doggy pose, no cream, no help of girl and i enjoyed deep penetration …he again ejaculated ..We came out nude as our clothes were out . I stunned to see another man inside who had pushed hand inside salwar of ruby and palming her choot..

“Shahzaad ” the new man addressed to butcher , dekh yaar teri beti ab puree jawaan ho gayee hai… ab iska nikaah mujhse karwa de…” he continued palming under salwar …and added …

“Abhee choot kunwaari hai…. Koi aur issmey lawda pel degaa to mujhe bahut dukh hogaa “

I began dressing….

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Butcher said that immediately after eid, he will give daughter’s hand to him , but he said …”salman, nikaah ke 50,000/- taiyaar rakhna…”

He pulled hand out and kissed girl…” wo to kab se taiyaar hai…” He kept holding girl and stood up, he was taller than butcher, but thin . He has some beard and looked quite young , may be 25-30…

Suddenly , he asked , “ye tumhaari naee begam hai…nikaah kar liyaa mujhe bola bhee nahi….”

“Ye begam nahi, begam se bhee jyaada hai….Jo mazaa begam ne 30 saalo mey nahi diyaa , wo iss madam ne 2 ghante mey de diyaa ..”

I looked my wrist watch, it was 3.30.. All must be worried at home.. Butcher added , ” bhai salman , aaj kee puree kamaee madam ko de dee hai…aaj tumhe nahi de sakta .. Baad mey de dungaa …chaho to 5000/- ke badle ruby ko abhee chod lo..”

Butcher invited his friend to fuck his daughter in lieu of his collection.. Salman brings live stocks to butcher and take his payment….

“Ruby ko to jindgi bhar chodunga ..Lekin eisee mast madam phir nahi milegi.. “

He took out bundle of notes and gave me,

“Madam ye 10,000/- hai aur aapke pyaare Shahzaad kaa 5000 bhee maaf kar diyaa …”

He undressed himself and i saw throbbing over 8″ long & thick lund. He pulled my hand on his lund and said that though his lund is not like Shahzaad but his both wife dies to fuck with lund every night.. I had no choice .. He made me flat on floor itself and in very hard stroke pushed lund inside…

“Ohhh dheere ..”

I hugged him lovingly and he also pumped me with ease and pleasure …

“Dekh ruby tera dulha dusre ko chod raha hai…aaj iska lawda kaat kar mujhe de denaa ….Bur ke andar rakh lungi…’

“Madam , kaatne ki kyaa jarurat hai…ye roj 3 baje aata hai mujhe chodne ke liye …aap bhee aa jaaeeye … dono saath chudaayenge …” ruby said and caressed my chuchi….

“Tere abbu ne tujhe choda hai naa…”
“Madam apni choot ki kasam…meri choot kisi ne nahi dekhi buss yahi haraami roj maslta hai…”

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    I wish to be fucked like a slut.

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