Desi housewife badly fucked by Muslim driver

I said “Ohhh memsab!! Kya maal banayea apne!!”(Ohhh Madam!! what things have you given birth to!!)by saying this I started squeezing more passionately.I have been with so many ladies but I have never seen such sizzling pair of bombs like these ever!!These boobs are the best so far I have tasted in my whole life.They are bouncing in my palms and on top of this huge size they are unusually soft,they are just like sponges.”
By saying this I took the other breast that I was squeezing in my mouth for the first time.By the sudden sensous feeling madam screamed at the top of her voice “OHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!”
Guess madam was never manhandled like this so she started enjoying and forgotten that madam was a wife of respectable person and belong to a respectable rich family.Then I went down and dug my face in her belly licking her navel.She jumped up involuntarily from the floor.I was sucking her navel and inserting my tongue in it.She was getting mad and twisting her whole body.She held my head tightly with her palms.

Then slowly I moved down and reached her panty.I caught hold of the side of her panty and gave a good pull.The elastic of the panty tore and flung away with sound.Madam gasped Hooo!!Now we both were completely nude inside the car.Madam’s jawani was electrifying.She was completely nude infront of me,only she was wearing her mangal sutra.

I caught hold of madam’s both flabby fair soft thighs and pushed it apart.OHHHH!!!! madam’s clean shaved pussy was CUTE!!!!!It was just like a pussy of 14 years old girl.I had never seen such pussy of any women at this age.It was milky white,only a thin long cut in the triangle,and it looked very tight.

I without further wasting any time,dug my lips tight in madam’s cute bur.Madam arched right there and moaned loudly “HHHHHHHoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”
Oh!!Madam’s bur smelled sweeeeeeeeeetttt!!!!!It also tased great,very salty.I started sucking and eating madam’s vagina very passionately.I was exploring my tongue deep inside her cunt.
I felt that a good orgasm was slowly building in her.I went on sucking more passionately and madam also went on moaning more loudly.
As I was sucking,I inserted my hard long black middle finger in madam’s milky pussy and touched her gspot.Right then madam couldnt control any more and started moaning at the top of her voice came with a splush and she kept cumming in jets of liquid directly in my face.I drank as much as I could,it was salty and tasty.Madam was moaning loudly like a cheap slut ‘Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh..Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh..Ooohhhhhhh..yeaaahhhh…whats..this..OHHh Godd.. ..Oooooooohhhhhhhhh yeaaahhhhh..Do it….. Oohhhhh my Gooood. Uuuummmmmm Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh..Oooooooohhhhhhhhh Noooooooo…uuuuuuuuuuuuuuUuuuffffffffff..AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa..AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa..AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa..HHAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa..oooooooooooooooo…HHAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa..HHAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa..Uuuummmmmm..AAaaaaaaaaaaaaUuuummmmmm..AAaaaaaaaaaaaa’Her entire body was twisting and jumping on the floor of the car.Her boobs were pouncing on her chest and her pussy leaves were badly pulsating and were swollen.

I watched her quietly as she slowly settled and calmed down from her huge orgasm.After she calmed she asked me what was that.I couldnt understand so I asked what do you mean.She asked very shyly ‘did I pee by mistake driver??’I started laughing loudly.Madam doesnt know anything about squirt.I asked her laughingly that ‘tu ek bachchi ki ma banchuki hae aur tujhe pata nehi ye keya hae?’She nodded no.I mockingly asked ‘teri paati tujhe kaisi chodte hae madam?’She didnt reply anything,and became shy.Then I said to madam that “jab mard ki pyar teri bur ko bahut bahut achchi lagegi,to teri bur apni aap pani chod degi,thik jaise mard ke lund birj chod de ta hae.”She said while masterbrating she many times had orgasms,but she didnt squirt anything.I said to squirt you need to feel much much much more aroused.Then I asked madam that,that means this was your life’s first squirt ever.She nodded yes.Then I smiled and said that means tu apni life me paheli bar aisi maza pai hae na madam.She became shy and didnt reply.I said,wow life me paheli bar apni madam ne apni ijjat ki paani nikali,to apni pati ke lye nahi,apni driver ke lye,uske haath me,uske muh me,teri ye bur to meri liye hi bani thi darling.By saying that I gave a passionate kiss on her rosey lips and she also for the first time kissed me back very passionately.