Desi housewife badly fucked by Muslim driver

The mobile was on the bed under boss’s pillow.As madam bent down to pick up the phone,I went behind her and intentionally I shoved my 10″ erect hard cock straight between her massieve bums.In that bent position her ass cheeks were open and my cock tip landed on her vaginal entrence.OOHH!! what a feeling!!It was soft like sponge.Madam in shock stood up fast and I pushed my groin further in,and I heard madam let out a painful moan OOooohH!! Before she could react properly,I caught her waist and pulled her back further onto my dick. My dick entered half between her huge flabby ass cheeks.Her huge bums were indeed soft.The feeling was uncontrolable for me,and so I started cumming in my pants.Just then she pushed me with her elbows and moved forward,and with anger in eyes she slapped me tight and yelled ‘What nonsense!!what do you think you are doing,I will tell your boss and throw you out from here!!’I also replied to madam harshly that ‘go ahead tell boss,I know boss will do nothing,and further more I’ll also tell boss the detail descriptions of your sexy figure and will say that you have tried to seduce me.

Madam,with panic in her eyes said ‘NNoHH…….’ ‘Just then boss shouted from the car that if you cannot find the mobile then leave it and lets drive fast to office as I am getting late.I took the mobile from madam’s hand and went away,to drive boss to office.Madam stood there frozen in panic.
Whole day I masterbrated in the parking of boss’s office thinking about the feeling of madam’s bums.

Two days passed and madam didnt face me or come out of her house.On the third day,I took boss to office.In the afternoon boss called me in his office and said that he had given madam a phone’s memory card,in which confidential documents of income tax and business were saved.Boss had forgotten to bring it in office & he needed it urgently then.So he said to me that to go to madam, in the house, and ask for that chip and bring it fast in the office. Just by the thought that I’ll be meeting madam my dick flickered.

I drove to boss’s residence.Our kamwali bai,i.e. our maid opened the door,and I smartly went to madam’s bedroom,and without knocking I entered.Madam was sitting by the dressing table and by looking at me in the mirror,she litterally sprang up.She was wearing a thin transperent lemon colored saree,thin sleeveless blouse.It was a costly siffon saree.She had applied mehendi to her hands and they were wet. She said in a rude tone ‘what do you want?’ I asked for the chip and said boss wants it urgently.At first I couldnt understand that as i asked for the chip madam’s face turned horrified and panic stricken,and only murmoured ‘Oh no..!’ I aksed what happened madam?Madam said she was a bit busy and so does he needs the chip very urgently,I said yes madam.I found madam’s cheeks turning red and her big eyes were full of shyness.I enquired that was everything all right?
She said that she has applied a costly mehendi to both her hands and its wet,so she cannot give it.I said that then I can take it,tell me where is it.I found madam’s eyes becoming wide in panic and she started sweating in air conditioned room.She said in a low voic ‘no…!’I asked I cannot understand madam what you are saying,please say clearly where is the chip.She again said that “As I applied mehendi, I cannot use my hands.” I said fine,where is the chip??

Madam with a trembling and shy voice said “As your boss had said that the chip contained very confidential income tax datas,so to keep it safe and secure it is …… is in…… is… is in my…………………………….”
I asked where madam?
She looked down at floor in shyness and in a very low voice she whisperred “It is in my blouse” I stood stunned for a second there.I got a instant hard on by hearing it.

For a moment there was a complete silence in the room,and madam couldnt look at me.Then I broke the silence and said ‘so what..?’Madam looked up at my eyes in ashtonishment and said that you dont understand,I have a very wet and costly Mehendi at both my hands and the saree is a very costly siffon saree too,which if spoiled once will be difficult to recover.
I said to madam,’so what’ Madam looked at me with her eyes full of questions. I said with a wicked smile that I can take it from there,for you,while you can retain your mehendi.Madam said with panic ‘What nonsense is this,behave yourself,dont forget your place,you are a servant of mine!!!’
I said that then may i go to boss and say that madam is not giving the chip and is saying that she’ll give it later. Madam said ‘no…no…your boss will get very angry at me and shout at me.’ I said that then dont you think that this is the only option we have madam,let me take it out for you.Madam panicly said ‘no…never!!!’I said very casually ‘whats the problem,why are you shy,I have already seen everything of yours.’Madam became terrified and shy and couldnt look at me.

Just then boss called up in my cell and shouted not to be late,and bring the chip quickly.

I cut the phone and asked madam that what should I do.Madam,with much hasitations and nervousness,first looked down,then closed her eyes tight,took deep audible breathe and then whispered that bai is working in the adjesent room,please close the door.My cock became full erect just by hearing it.