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I parked the car in the garage and went inside the house.I saw madam wrapped herself in a short towel,and had gone to her daughter’s room.In the room her 6 years old daughter was sleeping.Madam slowly walked towards her daughter’s bed,sat on her bed and started crying by embracing her.I watched by standing at the door.
After she was done,she got up,looked at me but didnt say anything and passed by me and went to her own bedroom.I also followed her in her room.

She said ‘Mahemood,tum ne to mujhe barbad kar dia,mere married life ko pura loot lia'(you have spoiled me,destroyed my married life.)I said ‘kya karu,tu chis hi aisi hae.'(what can I do you are only such a hot stuff).

Madam didnt reply and to the attach bathroom of her bedroom.She was about to close the door,but I resisted to do so.She said that she has never done toilet infront anybody,not even her husband.I said ‘that time you were a prestigious rich loyal housewife,now you are a cheap slut,my own slut,so do as I command you.’She looked down at her feet,and without protest sat on her commod,spreaded her legs and tried to urinate.With little pressure,madam was urinating.She cried loudly in pain ‘oooooh its paining!!!!’I was having a hardon watching her.I went towards her,opened my zip and inserted my shaft in her mouth.Madam started sucking my dick like lollypop by sitting on her commod.Withing minutes she madam me cum.I took out my shaft from her mouth and came all over her face and hair.She got up caught my hand,and took me in her bedroom.We stood infront of madam and boss’s bed.She told my shyly ‘will you please fuck me once in my husband’s bed?’I went to the bed and sat in the bed.I never came across such soft floating bed ever in my life.I signalled madam to come to me.But just as madam was about to come to me,her daughter from the other room woke up and started crying.We had to leave,as she went to her daughter.

After about 10 to 12 days,in morning,when I was cleaning the car,madam by wearing a short nighty,came to me and said very shyly “Mahemood,mae kal puri raat check kia hae………..Mae tumhare bachche ki ma banne wali hoon..” Just by hearing it I felt a sharp tingling in my cock tip.I couldnt believe that atlast I succeeded to make my long dreamed madam,my sex goddess pregnant.I smiled,and she also gave me a shy smile.We embreced eachother and started kissing.I made her lay on the bonet of her car and gave her a short fuck.After that day we were like husband and wife.I fucked her in every room of her palacial house,starting from her bed room,terrace,bathroom,dining room’s table,kitchen,garage,courtyard and in swimming pool,when her husband was not around,and when her husband was in office.She used to love me like her own husband.Infront of everybody she used to call me ‘driver’ and when we were together she used to call me ‘Mahemood.’She needs my cock everyday all through the month.

After few days her husband returned from abroad.She forced him to fuck her and cum inside,so that he cannot find out that the baby she was going to give birth was not his.

After 6 month madam was having a huge belly.Whenever I saw her I felt proud and sexually aroused too,as it felt great to think that a beauty goddess like madam was carrying my seeds.We loved each other a lot and after 3 months from today,she gave birth to a healthy girl.We didnt get caught as her husband knew the baby was his.But everyone was out of explanation and in dismay that both madam and boss were fair complexioned as milk but the baby born was deep black in colour.When nobody was around,I used to go to madam and love the baby girl and madam a lot.

By now madam has three kids,the elder one of her husband,and the rest two of mine.Lucky that her workaholic husband still didnt find out who their real father is.

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