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Outside it was dawn.I said to madam that soon light would be coming out and our car could be visible in this deserted field by the veichels of the road,so now we must make a move.She nodded.

I opened the door,went out,and wore my uniform.I saw that she tried hard to get up from the floor of the car,but she fell down repeatedly.She couldnt get up properly,as she was very much exhausted after her night long slaughterring by me.I went inside,embraced her and helped her to get up and made her sit on the back seat of the car.She said that she was feeling numb in her lower portions.I took out from my pocket a small bottle of rum and said to her that take it,it will make you feel better.But she refused and said that she never touched alchohol,and she wont as she is Bramhin.I held her chin tightly and pulled her face up,and jammed the mouth of the bottle in her mouth and poured the bottle in her.She was chocking and swallowing and also much of rum was coming out from her nostrils and mouth ends.After emptying half of the bottle,I left her,She was coughing and chocking,then again I held her chick and started pouring my bottle in her.This time she drank more and chocked less.I saw water in her eyes.As I left her,she was tipsy in her head,she held her head with both her hands and said ‘Oh!!it feels so good,what is this.’ Then I gave the bottle to madam with a smile,she took it and started having it gently.She almost emptied my bottle.

I gave her a wicked smile and came out of the back of the car and sat in the driver’s seat of mine.

She asked for her dresses.I said madam ‘Teri ei mast jawani ab loot chuki hae,ab tu gandi ban chuki hae,ab tu saree ke bagair hi thik rahe gi.Madam said ‘please no,the passers by could see me.’I said jada bolegi to teri saree bahar feink dunga.She remained silent.

I said to madam,aa darling samne chali aa.(come to the front seat).She said ok,and look towards her door.I realized she was hoping that I would open the door of the car for her as I used to do.I said to madam “ab tu ek randi ban chuki hae,ab tu itne samman ki laek nehi,khud hi darwaza khol ke mere paas aa.”She looked down and thought for a second,then opened her door and totally nude she went out of the car with tipsy wobbling steps like a drunkard in the fields and then came and sat beside my seat in the front.Oh!!while she came from back to front,her huge naked boobs were dangling like anything and her ass and thighs were jiggling like shiverring.
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When I left her,madam was gasping deeply by closely her eyes.I smiled by looking at her and and she also gave me a smile of satisfaction and said lustly ‘thank you Mahemood,I love you.’For the first time madam called me as ‘Mahemood’ instead of ‘Driver’.I smiled and said ‘love you too madam.’

I opened my fly,and said madam to take it.Madam took it out,Oh her touch of her soft palm was enough to make me cum right there.She took it out and started sucking my shaft.I started driving.Till I reached madam’s home,she kept sucking me and made me cum 4 times.It was heaven.I strained myself to drivng.All through the journey,madam was nude and kept her head down on my lap.

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