Lavanya – the slutty housewife

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Seema who was playing with my pussy with her hand sensed that I had leaked stated her finger work more and I couldn’t control my excitement started to moan loudly along with crying. My hands were just holding her left hand and indirectly helping her to finger my pussy now.

Me: Madam….please……..leave me… nipples are hurting……please don’t bit them…….let me go…………Madam…………….remove your fingers from my Panties.please………….Madam”.

Seema stopped sucking my nipple lifted her head looked at me with a mischievous smile on her face which I was not able to read it. She had stopped fingering my vagina, without any warning held my face in her hands and forcefully planted her lips on mine and started to kiss me on my lips like a hungry woman.

I was taken aback by her attack and tried to push her away with my weak and trembling hands. But she had a devilish strength in her which I was not able to control her actions. She was madly sucking my lips and was pushing her tongue inside my mouth there by asking me to suck her tongue. I had kissed girls before but that was only a peck on the lips, but this was totally another world for me which Seema had opened for me.

I was sucking her lips and tongue like a hungry girl just to please Seema thing that if I co operate with her she will not call the police and our saliva were mixed in our mouths, it didn’t feel gross to me but in fact I started to like her kissing, so I was kissing her back with full newly found vigour. I had a temptation to hug her and press her mature big breasts on the dress but was afraid to do so, so was only going through the actions like an obedient girl.

Seema removed her lips, looking at me said “You are one Horny Bitch, Lavanya…you have a very good lips, .come on lick me now and show your talent to me to avoid the police and please me now”

I didn’t need any police threat to kiss her, but in fact was glad to this hot lovely lady and started to kiss her eyes, fore head, cheeks and her chin with my moist lips and I knew that she was enjoying now. I stretched my tongue out and was licking her face like a dog now, making her face fully moist with my saliva and finally kissing her lips looked at her like an innocent girl.

“Hmmm……..oooohhhhhhhhh….oh MY God…… have learnt a lot in just a few minutes, come on……….WHORE…………….SUCK MY PUSSY NOW……… You have made it wet………come on…… ………..BITCH………on your knees now……….you fucking slave… my pussy now”.

Seema saying lifted her gown up and exposed her bottom for me to see her pussy and her well toned thighs and legs. That bitch was not wearing any panties inside her gown.
I was staring at her trimmed pussy and this was the first time I was seeing another lady’s private parts, and that too in this condition. Seema seeing me in a dilemma put her hands on my shoulders and pressed me to go down on my knees . I was now on my knees and I was staring at her pussy which was in front of my face directly.

I was looking at another woman’s pussy for the first time and her clit were was throbbing with excitement and her pussy lips was wet with cum juices and I could see the juices dripping from her vaginal opening. I took my face closer to her pussy and licked all her cum juices on her pussy lips. I saw Seema opening her legs wide, thus parting her pussy lips and she pressed my head on her pussy.

Now I slid my tongue inside her vagina and began to lick her juices inside her pussy. I had tasted my own cum when I used to masturbate with my fingers,but again for first time eating another pussy and found her cum juices sweet even though it was a bit salty. I licked her pussy clean with my tongue and lips and was still licking it when she pulled me up to face her.

I was surprised to see her standing naked, she had removed her gown while I was busy eating her pussy. She removed my skirt and made me nude too and we both were standing in our birthday suits. Seema was eyeing my nude body with her telescope eyes and saw her appreciating my naked body, I didn’t try to cover body now as I wanted her to like my body and I unabashedly stood proudly exposing my nude body to Seema.

Seema’s boobs was a bit sagged due to her age and their own heavy weight, but mine was proudly looking up and my nipples were pointing at her like a bullet. She had a big areolas and mine was small and pinkish in colour where as she had a dark brownish one. But her breasts were huge may be of F cup size where as mine was only B cup. Seema had a flat stomach despite her age and had a well toned body like mine.

I was still observing her body features, Seema pushed me on the bed next to us, I fell on the bed and she came and sat between my legs. I was staring at her with a puzzled look in my eyes.

Seema loudly said “Open your legs for me, you bloody slut…….LET ME SEE YOUR YOUNG PUSSY…………LAVANYA…………..NOW”

I opened my legs wide without any order from her took my hands to my pussy parted my pussy lips and showing my inner pinkish wet pussy for her. Seema said “ Lavanya, You are learning fast like a slut and today I will teach you how to lick and eat pussy, open it further and make room for my mouth, YOU FUCKING HORNY BITCH”

Seema knelt down and brought her face closer to my pussy and mouthed my wet and moist pussy. I shivered in excitement when I felt het her warm and moist lips on my pussy. She liked vaginal lips for a few seconds, and then she noticed my G- spot throbbing for attention. Seema quickly started to flick my G- spot with the tip of her tongue and increased the speed further with her tongue.

As she said, Seema was really a good sucker and that too an experienced one , I wondered if she is a lesbian, but couldn’t think further as she was giving me such a good tongue service to my pussy. Now Seema’s left hand came to my breasts region and cupping one in her hands was squeezing it slowly and tweaking my nipples with her fore and thumb fingers gently.

While her tongue was playing with my G- spot, I felt her right hand fingers near my pussy opening and in another instant one of her fingers was inside my pussy. I shrieked in pleasure and wrapped my legs across her back and pressed her head to my pussy.
I lifted my ass from the bed to accommodate her pussy licking further as her fingers was invading my pussy walls and her tongue still licking my sensitive region.

I began to moan very loudly, because I knew that I was on a verge of another world shattering orgasm and was not able to control the excitement, the way this horny lady was playing with me and my body.

Me: Ma’m…………….faster ……………..Madam…………..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee,…….. punish your Bitch like this always…………M’am……………I will be a slave forever with you………………. My nipples……Ma’m, I am… cummmmmiiiiiiinnngggggg………………oooohhhh………..aaaaaaaahhhhhh”

I had closed my eyes and moaning as she was working on me and was about to release my cum juices, I sensed that she had stopped licking me and was calling like “Honey, She is ready for you, come inside and have your GIFT”

I was still in the state of cumming ,and releasing my secretions from my pussy. I opened my eyes to see to whom she was talking to, and I saw her husband John coming inside who was fully nude and looking like a Greek God with his cock as his armour. I looked at Seema confusingly who was smiling at me who was still beside my thighs.

I had seen naked men in porn and their cocks too, but seeing John in his birthday suit, with his big cock standing erect and looking at me proudly with its fore skin slided off and revealing the pink mushroom shaped cock head.