Deepti, the Indian mistress

She kept on going until 30 and never was a weak shot.

Then she took a breath and before I could look back she whipped me with my belt i yelled the number.

I was in a lot pain but my dick was standing like mannequin. I imagined if I was born slave .

She saw my erection and threw me aside.

Before I could get anything she kicked me in the balls. I screamed but she sat on my face and muffled my screams. She ordered me to lick her pussy over her panties .i was licking it to my efficiency while I was still in pain.

She said – this all will be there and lot more baby. But I want you to do this. I want you to worship me as your goddess so that leaving me won’t even be a thought. Do you understand puppy .

Yes mistress I said and continued working out with my tongue .

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After About 20 min of face sitting she got up and asked me to lick her shoes clean. I just didn’t know how but i quickly started licking them without any second thought .

She started applying nail paint on her beautiful fingers while I was busy cleaning both her heels .

After about 20 min she ordered – puppy undress me and lick me to orgasm .

I removed her underwear and just like a obedient slave started to lick her pussy. She put her head back and started moaning softly – aah mmh aaah faster puppy deeper.

My penis used to twitch every time she called me puppy. I licked her for long 20 mins when her body shuddered to an orgasm. She asked me to clean it all. I did so.

Looking at my erection she said in her sweet voice- aww my doggie wants satisfaction. Do you want to cum slave ??

I nodded yes . Indian mistress

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Then was a surprise for me. She kicked me in the balls.

I just felt on the floor yelling in pain. She started laughing . Listen to me carefully you son of a bitch. The next rule is you will only get satisfaction until I want you to. No slave ever requires satisfaction. His only work is to satisfy his goddess . Do you get it bastard.??

She pulled my hair and spit on my face again and again and started laughing. Even though I was in pain and humiliation I started to love it. It was evening and I needed to leave as my mom asked me to come for dinner early .

I asked- goddess can I leave now?? Mom will call me in few minutes for dinner .

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She looked at me furiously and again pulled me hard with hair again and said – there are a few more interesting rules i will tell you tomorrow but for today just adding up one more that don’t masturbate you bastard do you fucking understand ??

Yes goddess i replied .

Get out quickly you pathetic looser . I was humiliated but still horny .

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