Wife fucked by Muslim driver – Part 6

Her eyes were full of tears.

She was looking at my eyes with fear in her eyes.

I kept face fucking her.

Soon she started vomiting water.

As I chocked her mouth totally with my penis, I saw she was vomiting water through her both nostrils.

Oh!what a feeling was it.

I felt her warm vomit passing from her throat up to her nostrils on my penis tip and I just there I started cumming.

Madam was about to spill it out but I quickly pressed both her nostrils close and cummed in her throat by holding her head tightly.

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With lots of choking sound, she swallowed each of my drops.

I never felt like that before, it was greatest of my cums.

As I took out my penis from her mouth, I pulled her face up by holding her chin and kept tightly kissing her thick juicy lips.

Oh I had never tasted such lips before, it was so thick and so soft that I withing no time got a hard on.

It was mesmerizing.

I pushed her strongly and she laid flat on the floor of the Mercedes.

Oh what a sight,my madam in black bra and panty, lying in front of me, her thighs big fat fleshy fair with a perfect triangle in between.

Her flabby tummy with a big navel and huge boobs within her skinny black bra.

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I pounced on her and laid on my madam.

I looked at madam’s eyes directly, she didn’t say anything to me but i saw her eyes filled with water.

I pressed my lips on her lips and started kissing her passionately.

My kisses were very hard and rough during all that time and I was slipping my rough palm on her soft inner thighs and butt and squeezing them passionately.

I was kissing very slowly her ear lobes,neck and soon I made madam moan.

“OHooooooooooooo…….. sssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhh…… nnnnNNNNnnnooooooooooo…. OOOoohhhhhhhh… MMMMMMM… mmmmmmmmmm… MMMMMmmmmmm……..”

I raised her arms on her head and started licking her armpits like some icecream.

She was fascinated by such act.

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She started moaning very loudly “HHhoooooooooooooo Driverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…… what….. nooooo… no…. ssssssssssss.. AAaaaaaa oooo.. mmmm…  oooooooooo… MMMMMMMHHH…. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz aabbbbbb iiiiiiiieeee rookoo na plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….!”

While moaning like this she was arching a lot, while being pinned down by my body weight.

By each of my licking in her arm pits,she arched her back to her full extent with her boobs up in the air.

Then I looked at madam’s swaying massive boobs.

The bra that she was wearing, I had never seen such bra’s fashion.

It had a single button at the center of her two tits and it clenched tightly madam’s milky jugs.

I asked what type of bra is this.

Madam said that this was gifted by her husband purchased from abroad.

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