Desi wife fucks old servant – Part 2

Hello friends. How are you? I am back! In the first part of the story you read how my domestic servant got the first taste of my big boobs indian wife in the kitchen. I am really overwhelmed by the response from all of you and I want to give you all a big THANKS. I had never imagined that my simple story would please you all so much.

As promised by me I have sent Manasi’s snap to all who requested me. I am continuing the story hoping that it will provide more pleasure to you all.

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And now to continue-

It was a good thing that I knew the plans made by Ashraful our servant. He wanted to enjoy my young, beautiful wife alone in his private room without interferences.

I did not want to be a spoil sport nor did I want to miss the fun so I spent a good sum of money to install some Infrared (ability to see even if the lights were off) CCTV cameras with microphone in all the rooms including the servant’s shed.

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I had them concealed appropriately. For this reason I am able to relate to you the facts behind the scenes.

Manasi, having promised Ashraful to meet him in his room had to plan up an excuse to give me for going out alone at night. I was inwardly elated, wondering how my wife would plan it all out.

All throughout the day I pretended to be busy with work but I noticed her carefully. She was pensive and moody, quite jittery from her crude but rather erotic encounter the previous night.

Obviously she had enjoyed what had transpired between her and the servant.

At around 6 PM she came up to me and said “dear I got to tell you something.”

“Sure” I replied, excited hoping that my over excitement would not show.

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“You know Rupa, my friend, her husband has gone on a tour and she wants me to go and spend the night with her,” she told me having planned it all out. “The main reason is that her kid is not well and we will be taking her to the doctor.” The plan was undoubtedly brilliant! “My-my you have to be with her then” I pretended to be rather serious. So this was her clever ruse!

Manasi selected a black g-string bikini and I recognized it instantly. I had presented it to her from Mumbai. It was sleeveless, backless and cut very low in front.

The straps were merely strings and all in all it was nothing more than a bra. The blouse was infact a G-string top which hardly covered anything. Her big boobs were almost revealed fully in this thing except the nipples.

Next she wore an equally flimsy panty consisting of strings and a black triangular patch in front. Over this bikini she donned a transparent white silk saree. “Wow! she looked nude gorgeous and irresistible a real sex-bomb or an item-girl.

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I could not help wondering what would be the implications if I sent her out like that on a crowded bus or to a party or picnic with my friends. What excited me more was the fact that she had always been hesitant to wear this dress before me, complaining that it was too tiny, but now she was wearing it for the servant.

I was sure the old guy would be totally floored once he saw her in this stunning outfit! Like a good wife she covered herself in a big shawl when she came to me to bid farewell. I pretended that I was totally unconcerned about the reality of her plans.

The servant’s shed was on the boundary of the compound, quite a distance from the house and it was not possible to see whether she went to the shed or out through the gate into the street so the stage was ideally set for her.

Ashraful opened the door.

I saw on camera that she had removed the shawl somewhere on the way and she was showing herself in full glory to him. The saree too was partially down revealing a good portion of her big boobs.

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