Wife fucked at Audition – Part 6

Shyaam’s cock too was by now enjoying the soft stroking of my wife’s hands and he too promptly took back her hands and placed them on his cock and started rubbing her hands against his cock. You are reading this audition sex story on desibahu dot com. My wife was highly embarrassed to face me in this position. Imagine facing the husband with a guy lying on top of you and licking you and a guy is being stroked by you and a boy who is sniffing at your cunt, must have been really awkward position. But still my wife managed to say,

“Avin, practice is going on till lighting arrangements” she managed to say.

Just as she completed the sentence Rohit ran through his tongue on the cheeks of my wife. My wife looked at me with her eyes showing real fear. I too had reached my breaking point and was about to shout at her “You horny bitch!” when Shyaam noticed the angry expression on my face.

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He told me,“Avin, shall we put in the agreement all these 50 lakhs or shall we show a less amount in writing. Otherwise you may have income tax problem you know!”. Once he mentioned that 50 lakhs, I came to my senses and immediately said in a soft voice,

“ya ya we will show only less amount in the agreement.” Shyaam said,

“That’s right. I must tell you Avin that your wife is co-operating with us excellently. Why don’t you appreciate her for that?” While he said this his hands were still rubbing my wife’s hands on his pants. You are reading this audition sex story on desibahu dot com. I turned to my wife and gave a very nice smile and said,

“That’s very good darling. I am glad that you r co-operating!”

My wife gave a relieved look and she said to me,

“Thanks Avin ”. Before she could complete the sentence Rohit had kissed her on her mouth and my wife too, with the relief that I have no objection, took part very eagerly in the kiss. I even saw that, Shyaam had removed his hands and my wife was by herself stroking him. I went back to my position in the corner of the room and resumed watching the whole thing. Watching my wife’s whorish display in such close proximity had given me an erection and since in this corner , no one could see me very clearly due to poor lighting, I gently started stroking myself watching Rohit lick my wife and Shyaam getting stroked.

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By this time the director and Javed had made all arrangements and the director announced , “Alright, lets start!” I was surprised that he or Javed didn’t even bother to comment on the mini orgy that was going on during the break and I guessed that they must be used to such orgies by heroes and heroines during shootings.

You are reading this audition sex story on desibahu dot com. Immediately, Shyaam left the place. The touch up boy quickly removed his hands from my wife’s panty and went up and wiped her face and went to the corner. The scene resumed. Rohit continued his licking and sucking. My wife too acted very well. The passionate scene was shot for some ten minutes. The director was shouting from the background,

“ Lick her lips!”

“Haan, put your tongue inside!”

“ Saali, why are u keeping quite, u too suck him!”

“Rohit, press that randi’s (whore’s) boobs!

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“Sali, turn this side and show ur cleavage to the camera!”

“Put ur hands on his head while he is licking you!”

“Lick that Randi’s face Rohit, let her face be fully covered with your saliva!”

“Sali, spread your legs a little. Javed, zoom on her panty.”

“ Now go up, zoom on her boobies. Sali ki choonchiya bahuth badi hain. ( The breasts of this bitch is too big). Let the whole world see how much big breast this whore has got!”

Already Rohit and my wife were giving a great passionate display. With such expert guidance from the director, the scene became very erotic.

“Rohit, camera is on her boobs. Put your tongue there!”

“Gauhar, press his face on your boobs. Let his tongue lick your total cleavage.”

“ Now, go for a face close-up Javed…..!”

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“Hey Rohit, slightly lift your head. Let the camera focus on this Randi’s face”

Rohit who was intimately kissing my wife lifted his head. My wife didn’t like this intervention. You are reading this audition sex story on desibahu dot com. Her face was showing disappointment.

“Hey Gauhar, your face should show enjoyment” The director was yelling at her. But when Rohit was doing all the kissing and fondling, my wife’s face was very passionate. When he stopped, it was very difficulty for her to show that emotion. After all this was her first day at acting. She tried to twist and bite her lips and all that but the director was not very happy with her expressions.

He shouted “ Randi, Don’t show your childish face! Everyone here knows that you are a top class whore and u can take all the cocks here. Show your horny expressions!” But still my wife could not satisfy the director.

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The director decided that he had to act .He walked near her and sat by her legs. He asked Javed to focus only on her face. Then he did a much unexpected thing. He coolly inserted his hands into my wife’s panty and touched her naked cunt. From the position of his hand, it looked like he had inserted his finger into her cunt. It would have gone in very easily since by now everyone could see that cunt juice was flowing out of her panties along her thighs. You are reading this audition sex story on desibahu dot com. He started fucking her cunt with his fingers. My wife gave a gasp “Ahhhhhh” when he inserted his fingers but once the director set himself into a rhythmic motion, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the finger fuck of this sixty year old man. The director rounded his finger and changed angles and was expertly finger fucking her.

To be continued….