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On looking at her my eyes came out, a sky blue chiffon saree along with a matching sleeveless blouse. She was looking like a bomb with her tits sticking out in the air and she walked towards me and sat behind and I followed the path she tredged and kept on looking at her and told me “shaitan ab bike chala bhi lo” and laughed .. I kept on smiling and started the bike.

She held me by my waist and could feel her boobs press on my back often leading me to close my eyes in ecstasy. We delivered the food and on our way back it started to rain she just held on to me with all her boobs pressing on me and I was aroused . My dick was already hard and was struggling inside.

We reached home rushed inside and she bolted the door and with her back on the door she was panting for breath. I turned and looked at her … Her breasts heaving with her breathing. The wet saree sticking to her body and turned transparent. One could easily see her nipples stick out of the netted white bra she wore. I was driven with lust and my mind was blank.

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I started taking steps towards her and her heaving increased. I went for her lips with my hands on the door. She closed her eyes and let my tongue go in and explore her mouth her hands slowly going caressing my hair. I took those hands and our interlocked our fingers and took her hands above her head and pinned them to the door behind.

She was breathing heavily and into my mouth and finally broke the kiss and she opened her eyes immediately with a concern on why I stopped. I went and kissed her neck below her chin and her neck and she started moaning and moving her hips and legs trying to free her hands. I moved below removed wet pallu with my teeth and stuck my nose over her cleavage and she moaned heavily.

I let her hands now and stripped off her saree in a few seconds opened her blouse and petticoat . She was now just in her bra and panty with her nipples sticking out and we again smooched for 10 minutes.

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She was now participating in the kiss actively. Her tongue and my tongue doing all the talking. She was feeling for my dick and in a few seconds I stripped her off her bra and dragged her panty down. Her panty fell to her knees and she skipped out of it and with this we broke the kiss.

She was now laughing all her inhibitions gone looking into my eyes with lust and told me “akhir tumne mujhe nangi kar hie diya” I asked her she knew I would strip her down she replied “jiss tarike se tum mujhe dekh rahe the uske baad aur kya ho sakta hain” she continued “ab tum mein taqaat kitni hain woh dekhna hain and sabse pehle aapne junglee janwar ko azad karo” …

Her body was so tempting and on top of that her words were just adding fuel to the fire within me … I stripped myself in a few seconds and she was amazed to see my dick … It was 6′ in length and 3′ in diameter … She came with a towel and wiped my wet body ..

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I just picked her up in my lap and like a baby and told her to feel my strength … She said “mein is taqat ki bat nahi kar rahi thi” she then held my dick and pressed it hard and said “iski baat kar rahi thi” I got angry and took her up the stairs in my lap and threw her on the bed.

I straight away went for her breasts and kept on sucking it and she started shouting ” aur choosle mere chuchiyan ko .. Jee bharke daba .. Aur zorse” I pressed hard and sucked her and she continued to egg me on with her words “yeh teri hain ab se … Apna le aur zorse dabaa … Aaahhhh .. Choosle aur apna pyas mitale .. Abhi yeh teri hain aajse … In donno ko tu sambhal payega naa ” ..

I was egged on and continued my assault on her boobs and she did not disappoint me she kept her hands on my head and pressed them on my boobs and soon I was left out of breath … I was amazed and stunned by her awesomeness … Her willingness to get manhandled by me .. I progressed below on her navel and she still kept her hands on my head willing me on to keep ravishing her body.

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I felt her deep desires were her to be worshiped by someone. Her moans reflected the pleasures she was enjoying with my licking of navel. I went further below and started kissing near her pussy and this ignited her she shoved her waist up and my nose got dug up in her pussy. Her smell excited me and I unleashed my tongue on her pussy .. She was enjoying the licking and I stuck my fingers up her asshole too …

She was enjoying this a lot as now she was fumbling when she wanted to speak ” abhi don’t leave my pussy lick me all day” and I did and she spurted out into multiple orgasms … I knew this had never happened to her … Her eyes closed and she breathing heavily ….

Her breasts moving up and down and her glistening body because of a mixture of sweat and her pussy juices …. I sight to behold … Wow was my reaction !!! .. To be continued .. If you wish to share your reviews I would be very thankful as it would be helpful for me to present my incident the way you would like to read.

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